Spiritual Embodiment: how it has helped me and can now help you

embodiment Sep 23, 2022

Tune into Cynthia's first podcast interview with Priscilla Little on The Creation Mindset Podcast:

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On today's podcast I have special guest speaker Cynthia who is a spiritual embodiment expert who helps empaths and highly sensitive people embody their highest selves. On this podcast we talk about what the definition of spiritual embodiment is and how it can help us in our daily lives. Cynthia talks about her experience of using the art of dancing to get back in touch with who she truly is and talks about her journey into implementing that to help others. She mentions the spectrum of people who feel greatly (empaths) and people who don't feel very deeply (dissociated) and talks about how spiritual embodiment creates balance. She talks about her experience having a spiritual awakening in the Egyptian pyramids and how her journey of faith and belief in a higher power has led to her practice of spiritual embodiment. 

Here is more information about Cynthia:

Cynthia Gutierrez, creator of Embodied Ritual, has cultivated a deep passion for Spiritual Embodiment throughout a life long journey of self- expression, development, and healing. After 20 years of dance training, 6 ongoing years of embodied education, evolving her spiritual growth since 2012, and recently studying the subconscious mind, Cynthia has been cultivating a holistic approach to integrate the body, mind and spirit as a whole. Now she's working with conscious empaths and highly sensitive people to help them revive their energy and way of being so they can embody their true self, align with their higher calling and enjoy a life they love with the fullness of who they are. Cynthia is also raising her beautiful daughter Lily and adorable dog Lumps with her beloved partner Cody in San Diego, CA, as they go to festivals, travel the world and manifest their dreams!



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