Enjoy My Offerings

For life and business

Enjoy My Offerings

For life and business

Free Resources for Your Online Biz

Free Resources for Your Online Biz

 $197  FREE Online Course for Digital Product Creators: 

Discover How to Attract Your First 100 Leads that Actually Wanna Buy Your Stuff!

Proven step-by-step video course by 17-year online business veteran reveals how you too can Start Building Your Audience TODAY... without FB Ads, expensive tech or complicated funnels!

You don't need a "BIG List" to get your business started... You Just Need to Get Started!

And what If I told you that you only need 100 subscribers to start getting clients and sales?!

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I'm ready to attract my leads!

Episode 618: How to Cure Imposter Syndrome in 54 Minutes or Less

Imposter syndrome is something that course creators and online experts experience, especially when in the beginning phases of business. In fact, I would say that feeling this way is a right of passage for entrepreneurs! That’s why in this episode, James and Jen want to give you an instant cure for imposter syndrome to help you when you feel this way. If you are dealing with, or have ever dealt with imposter syndrome, this episode is for you!

Click the button below and listen to this episode of the Mind Your Business Podcast

Imposter Syndrome, BE GONE!

Discover the 17 Ways That Successful Entrepreneurs Think Differently About Business, Marketing, and Success!

FREE +30 Page .PDF reveals the counter-intuitive, #backwards approach to building your online business the RIGHT WAY!

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Episode 676: ‚Äč‚Äč6 Invisible Ingredients to Attracting More Paying Customers

(Digital CEO Episode Series)

In this episode, James and Jennie reveal 6 invisible ingredients that, when brought together, will attract a lot of money to you by bringing you the ideal clients that you are here to help and serve.

If you’re building a personal brand as an online expert selling digital products, and you’re looking to take your business to 7-figures (or more) while actually loving your business, then this series is for you!

Click the button below and listen to this episode of the Mind Your Business Podcast

Help me to attract my ideal customers!

For the Online Expert Looking to Launch their Course

How to Choose The Right Niche for Your Digital Product Business

Free .PDF guide reveals 128 proven & profitable niches designed to help you avoid the costly mistakes of going in the wrong direction by choosing the wrong niche and a quick training video from James Wedmore.

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Episode 673: Your Complete Plan to Your First $100k with Digital Products

If you’ve ever wondered how to get from zero to $100k per year selling your digital products, James and Jennie have got you covered! In this episode, they walk you through a complete plan on how to do it, no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey!

Click the button below and listen to this episode of the Mind Your Business Podcast

Click the button below and listen to this episode of the Mind Your Business Podcast

Guide me to my first $100K!

Join the FREE Essential Content Creator Mini Course

Transform your content in just 5 days!

Stuck in the 200 views club? Overwhelmed with content planning & strategy? We got you!

Here you learn how the top brands create content to get sales with our proven formula!

Content is the catalyst to getting you PAID to be yourself in this space! So let's level up your content skills right here!

I'm ready to level up!

Essential Biz Tools and Products

Essential Biz Tools and Products

Ultimate Guide to Hooks & Endless Content Ideas

Dive deep 
into the world of content hooks with 24 pages of all the juicy insights and strategies you need to take your content creation to the next level. Check out the treasure trove of hooks and ideas that will spark your creativity and light up your content game. Plus, there's jam-packed lists of content hooks and ideas for you to use!

Comes with Private Label Rights (aka PLR meaning you can rebrand and offer as your own!)


Nice, I want help with content creation!

Ultra Content Creation Startup Bundle

The Ultra Content Creation Startup Bundle of 6 valuable guides for you to equip yourself with a variety of content creation tips and best practices, to dial in your social media strategy and to start monetizing your passions as a digital creator!

Comes with Private Label Rights (aka PLR meaning you can rebrand and offer as your own!)


Perfect, I want social media support!

Recommended Digital Business Programs

Recommended Digital Business Programs

Discover why BBD has earned the reputation for finally delivering the RESULTS online experts need to disrupt, scale, and create MAJOR IMPACT:

Learn more about how you can get your hands on the EXCLUSIVE Complete 7-Figure Rapid Growth System for Online Experts NOW.

Get ready to be inspired and discover what’s possible for YOU inside BBD

Register now to be the FIRST notified once they open up the doors to James Wedmore's signature program, Business By Design, plus score INSTANT ACCESS to FREE Downloads and Exclusive Previews inside BBD 2024!

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Join the Hive Hub Collective's Universal Creator Campus

The Creator Economy is more than an opportunity ‚Äď it's your pathway to¬†unleash unmatched potential, monetise your creativity, and design the life you dream of for you and your family.

Tired of being stuck? Ready to reclaim your identity, step into your unapologetic power, and secure financial and time freedom?

If you're nodding 'YES,' then it's time to ditch the mundane and plunge into a world where infinite possibilities await. Remember, in our realm,¬†there's no Plan B ‚ÄstYou've absolutely f**ken got this!¬†

Get ready to bring that fire ūüĒ•¬†in¬†2024 that cannot be extinguished!


Curious Creator - Monthly Membership
Digital Founder - Lifetime Access

**DM Cynthia for the epic 50% OFF Lifetime Code**
Payment Plan Available

So ready to blast off with a community!

Roadmap 3.0

with Master Resell Rights

The ultimate, in-depth digital marketing course that includes everything you need to start a thriving digital marketing business with no experience!

Ultra Content Creation Startup Bundle w/ PLR
ChatGPT Master Plan w/ PLR
A 1:1 90min Coaching + Manifestation Call

Payment Plans Available

I'm ready for the next level!

Fantastic Online Business Softwares

Fantastic Online Business Softwares


An all-in-one productivity platform

A cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries

Free forever plan available

Start organizing my time and energy!


All-in-one video & podcasting editing, easy as a doc

The only tool you need to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share your videos and podcasts.

Free forever plan available

Ready for a simple, powerful and fun way to edit!


A complete online business platform for serious entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers.

Build, market, and sell your online courses, membership sites, and digital products.

Unlock 30-day free trial

I want the all-in-one!

Stan Store

Meet Your All-in-One Creator Store

Stan is the easiest way to make money online. All of your courses, digital products, and bookings are now hosted in your link·in·bio

14-day free trial

Set up my first Creator Store!

Plainly Legal

The Easiest and Most Affordable Way to Protect Your US-Based Online Business!

Have solid lawyer-drafted documents that lay out your rights & expectations in the best way to prevent your business from suffering from costly legal mistakes.

I want the legal stuff taken care of!

When you subscribe to my mailing list you'll also receive a free guide:
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Digital Product + 60 Digital Product Ideas!

A 17-page guide helping you avoid mistakes from the very beginning of your creative process while sparking various ideas to make your very own digital product

Also comes with Private Label Rights (
aka PLR meaning you can rebrand & offer as your own!)

If you change your mind, it's all good, just unsub in a click. Your info will be respected by the Privacy Policy.