How to Honor and Celebrate the Autumn Equinox

cyclical living spiritually embodied motherhood series Sep 21, 2023

So today I've got some exciting news 🤩

The brand new IG Live Series called Spiritually Embodied Motherhood has officially launched today!

It's created to help you embrace a spirit-led life that honors the wholeness of who you are and aligns with the mother you're called to be

Every week I'll be going Live on Instagram to share what has helped me BREAK FREE from postpartum depression, panic attacks, being chronically dysregulated, and stuck in survival mode

As well as share how I learned to regulate my nervous system, actually enjoy motherhood, go for my dreams, and truly live a life that is led by Spirit and in alignment with my Highest Self so that you can too!

I'm excited to bring you:

💫 Doable, practical tools and techniques to restore your motherhood
💫 Interviews with people I trust to also be a guiding light
💫 Personal stories with potent insights for you to be inspired by
💫 Opportunities to work with me and up-level your life

So make sure to tune in every Thursday at 12 pm PST on Instagram @embodiedritual for some amazing content!

NOW, the Live to kick it all off is on How to Honor and Celebrate the Autumn Equinox 🍂⏳🍂

While yes, it's super cute and fun to acknowledge the change of seasons...

I want to shine some light on how paying attention to nature/seasons of the earth, learning about the cycles of the moon, and honoring the phases of my menstrual cycle, the more I took back my POWER and started living MY LIFE in a way that respects MY TRUE needs and desires!

The industrial paradigm that our modern society has been built upon did NOT and STILL DOESN'T consider, treat fairly, or support the biological makeup of female bodies, the needs of a motherhood lifestyle, or the rhythm of our earth

So keep in mind that while it's a functional necessity to know how to work with seasons of change, it's also revolutionary in the way we can decondition our bodies and minds from the systems of oppression that were created to override the natural cycles of our organic and biological make up as mother, human, and steward of this earth

BTW, The Equinox is on Friday, September 22nd, so I'm happy to share this with you on the eve of the Equinox!

I wish you and your loved ones an abundant harvest this year 

And I'm excited for the next Live happening on Thursday, the 28th, at 12 pm PST 

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🎉 Cheers to the new Series!


💝 Enjoy!!

PS - If you ever have any questions or topics that you'd like me to cover in the SEM Series, definitely send me a DM on Instagram and I'd be happy to deep dive on a Live!


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