Introduction to Embodiment Practices for Mothers

embodiment Nov 08, 2022

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Do you find it hard to change?

Do you wish your could RESPOND to your child instead of emotionally REACT?

Do you feel like you're always in your head and your mind is always racing?


This episode is for you

In this episode you’ll learn:

02:23  Understanding embodiment & embodiment coaching

06:33 Regulating our nervous system

08:26  The core of the embodiment

09:20  Exploring dancing through embodiment practice

11:26  What embodiment practice looks like

13:18  Understanding embodiment meditation

13:45  Embodied meditation vs modern meditation

21:54  Understanding & knowing things intellectually

25:06  Becoming consciously embodied

25:59 The importance of personal practice and embodiment

28:47 Why mum’s explode and how to prevent it

33:16  Cynthia’s biggest lesson in motherhood

Key Quotes

05:39  Embodiment is going that one layer deeper & it’s getting more to the core or true essence of what it is & who you actually are. - Leashia Arrowsmith

14:20  Embodied meditation is me continuing to come back when I’m lost in thought or I’m finding myself floating out in the ethers mentally & then I come back into my body & get back in touch with what’s happening, hear my sensation & my emotions. - Cynthia Gutierrez

18:47  Embodiment is the idea of getting back into the body & being led by that intuition, that co-desire not the desire of the mind.- Leashia Arrowsmith

23:50  It’s not enough just to know that we should not shout our kids or that we don’t want to shout our kids or whatever it is, it’s not enough just to say that in the conscious mind. It needs to be other steps that happen to actually bring it all together. - Leashia Arrowsmith

25:36  Check in with yourself & your body like, how am I feeling right now? What are the sensations that happening & simply just being with it & acknowledging it. - Cynthia Gutierrez

26:00  Having that entire 30 seconds to a minute, really allows us to start the change the habit, build the skill to be with ourselves more & more incrementally & be able to check-in. - Cynthia Gutierrez

29:58  Start noticing your body & noticing how you’re feeling & start to create that space, that pause eventually you might notice before you actually explode.  - Leashia Arrowsmith

 31:58  If we don’t allow ourselves to have the capacity to feel the hurt or more unpleasant emotions then it also robs us of feeling the more beautiful blessed moments of our lives.  - Cynthia Gutierrez

Connect with Cynthia 

Today’s guest is Cynthia Gutierrez, she is the Creator of Embodied Ritual and she has cultivated a deep passion for Dance & Embodiment through a lifelong journey of self-expression development & healing. After 20 years of dance training, 6 ongoing years of embodied education involving her spiritual growth since 2012 & recently, studying for the subconscious mind. Cynthia has been cultivating a holistic approach to integrate the body, mind, and spirit as a whole. And now she is helping conscious moms to regulate their nervous system through dance & spiritual embodiment so they can express their true essence, align with their higher calling & finally become the parent they always dream of being.

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