Introducing The Spiritually Embodied Leader Podcast

podcast Jan 01, 2023

I hope this holiday season has been heartwarming for you!

I've got some exciting news to share

Earlier this year there was a moment where I stopped and said, "HOLY SHIT! This year is gonna be the 10th anniversary of my spiritual awakening!! HOW AM I GONNA CELEBRATE?!?"

Nothing came to mind right away so I waited and trust that the answer would reveal itself to me.

A couple of months later, when I was alone having some downtime I quietly asked myself the same question, how do I want to intentionally celebrate my awakening in Egypt and the 10-year evolutionary journey I've been in??

And as I listened my attention was directed to an old podcast idea...

I sensed a voice coming through, "Hey, remember that podcast you've been wanting to host?"

My eyebrows lifted, "Yeah!"

Then it encouragingly said, "Well honey, it's time!! Share your story and serve in this new way. Launch your podcast to show respect for your experience and to transition into this new era of your life."

In that moment everything about my being KNEW it was time!

So I made the decision right then and there to commit to the vision and now,

The Spiritually Embodied Leader Podcast is officially up and running!

The intention of the podcast is to support conscious moms, healers, and highly sensitive people who are ready to evolve in their motherhood, passions, and purpose. I'm so excited to help you regulate your nervous system so you can embody your true essence, align with your higher calling, and finally become the parent you've always dreamed of being!

In this show, we'll be exploring how embodiment, subconscious mind, ritual & ceremony, cyclical living, and returning to nature play an impactful role in transforming you and your life from the inside out so you can truly enjoy life with the fullness of who you are!

There are three episodes that you can dive into today:

Ep. 1: My Path of Activating the Spiritually Embodied Leader Within Me

It's dedicated to sharing how I came into this exciting moment of starting a podcast


Ep. 2: Attune to the Energetic Vortex of Winter Solstice

If you're interested in learning more about cyclical living and how to tap into the magic and medicine of Winter Solstice, then listen in.


Ep. 3: Storytelling of My Spiritual Awakening in Egypt 10 Years Ago

On December 21st, 2012, I went to the Great Pyramids of Giza, and it completely changed my life! May this episode inspire you to honor your inner voice so you too can be guided into the healing, growth, and expansion that your soul is seeking to experience.


I'm so looking forward to sharing more in this new cycle ahead!

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If you ever have any questions or topics you'd like me to cover in the podcast, definitely send me a DM on Instagram and I'd be happy to chat more about it!

💝 Enjoy!!


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🍁 Blessings



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