The 5 BIG mistakes when becoming your Highest Self

embodiment Aug 23, 2022

After maaany many years of being steeped in self-development, spiritual growth & embodied evolution, I've come to notice a handful of common mistakes that can really stump people on their journey. And the more aware you become of these issues, the better you'll have an eye for it and keep from falling in the trap yourself.

So here are the 5 BIG mistakes I see Empaths & Highly Sensitive People make when BECOMING their Highest Self (and what to do about it!)

Alright here it goes!!👇

Mistake #1️⃣: Placing your value and worth on external sources (and letting the outside world determine who you are!)

As a Highly Sensitive Empath it's your default to be hyper aware of the state of your environment and the people around you. And when you're so attuned to the world, it's easy for you to get entangled in energies that are not yours. Once you're entangled, it's common to lose touch with yourself and get swept into the experience of other people and THEIR perceptions, emotions, beliefs, and the way they view you. Now, when their opinions become more important than your own, you can slip into people pleasing tendencies to make sure their experience of being around you is positive, which then determines your value & worth because you've give your power away to them (even though it diminishes your own happiness and authentic voice).

But the thing is YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER PEOPLE. You are NOT responsible for their happiness, judgments, beliefs and reactions. The way in which a person responds to the world has A LOT more to say about themselves than it does about anything or anyone else. When you begin to honor WHO YOU ARE and stay true to the authentic expression of your spirit, the easier it gets to release the worries & concerns about what other people think of you. A beautiful opportunity to grant yourself more FREEDOM!

One way that you can practice supporting yourself in this is to engage with your body-mind connection. To practice embodied awareness, partnering with your body and learning how to navigate your inner experience so that you're able CHOOSE how to be in alignment with your higher expression.

Mistake #2️⃣: Allowing your old, unaligned ways of being to run the show & drive your life

Even though your lineages & past experiences have made an imprint on who you are today, it IS possible to break cycles and release generational curses. It just requires you to shift who you're BEing. This is not about becoming someone you're not!! This is about tapping into the version of you who is in more of a healed space, emotionally intelligent, whole-heartedly believing in their passions, etc. and ALLOWING that version of you to RISE through your BEing!

It takes a lot of self-awareness to point out your own patterns, limiting beliefs, and ways of moving through life to come to a place where you then get to DECIDE that it's time for a change. And when that time comes, it'll initiate the critical phase of releasing and shedding the identities that aren't serving the vision that your Soul is wishing to experience. And the more that you try to hold on to those old ways of being, the harder and longer it'll be to actually step into the version of you that's yearning to emerge.

Mistake #3️⃣: Not reserve time & space for integrative practices

With SO MUCH information at the tips of our fingers, it's very easy to drown ourselves in knowledge. And while I LOVE learning new things, if those things don't get put into practice, then it just takes up mental space and basically becomes mental clutter. The JUICE of transforming into a higher version of yourself is putting what was learned to the test! Taking doable action steps and learning through experience is a vital part. Even though some of the 1% aligned actions may not seem like a big deal, when done over time it actually compounds and makes an impact in the long run.

*SIDE NOTE, one thing to keep in mind is to pay attention to HOW it's done rather than just getting it over with and crossing it off the to-do list. If you're not being mindful of how you doing the thing, then you may end up with a different result than intended.

Mistake #4️⃣: Not incorporating your BODY and doing body-based practices ESPECIALLY when you're “embodying” the next-best whatever

If you haven't noticed yet (a bit hard to miss) "Embodiment" and "embodying the next-best-coolest thing" has become a tagline, a catch-phrase, a popular and trending word now-a-days... And I get why it's being said, even though the embodiment piece is what eventually happens over time, the problem here is that more likely than not the BODY isn't even involved in the process.

WHAT A DISSERVICE! It barely scratches the surface and completely misses the target and potential of someone actually having a pure embodied transformation.

Your body is a VITAL aspect of WHO YOU ARE. The more you connect with your body, the more you’re able to DEEPLY connect with YOURSELF. When you actually experience your Body, Mind and Spirit as ONE, you experience yourself as WHOLE. Body-based practices support your embodied awakening, becoming process and experiencing your innate wholeness.

(As you know, this piece is a HUGE part of my work, so if the intense passion came across in this one, it's probably no surprise 😆)

Mistake #5️⃣: Not having ways to regulate your nervous system & process your emotions  

When you begin to set boundaries, meet new people, show up to places you've dreamed of, and actually go for the life you want you're gonna activate your nervous system. Change can be very dysregulating. Emotions will come up or be remembered from the past and if you don't know how to navigate them then it can be a very bumpy ride. Especially for us DEEP feelers, if you don’t know how to stabilize yourself from big emotions, you can actually unintentionally re-traumatize yourself 😳 (Been there, done that and what a life-changing lesson it has taught me...)

For Highly Sensitive Empaths, just "feeling our feelings" like what most people say to do can actually backfire on us. And HEY, not gonna say don't feel your feelings, it's a key part of our healing and becoming journey, but going at it with no tools or techniques to pull yourself out can be harmful. It's like a well of water that is verrry deep, when you're going into a bottomless well of emotions, it can feel like you're drowning in them and can't get out. But once you learn how to regulate your nervous system, you end up equipping yourself with a rope and bucket that you can put in the well and pull yourself out to get some air. And so any time that you either decide to process your emotions OR become triggered and have fallen in the well of emotions, you'll be able to come back into the present and sustain a state of well-being.

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