Connect With & Embody Your True, Authentic Self

cyclical living embodied guidance embodiment ritual & ceremony whole-self love & care Jul 20, 2022

I've come to notice that many Empaths & Highly Sensitive Beings are struggling to find who they really are inside.

Where they lose themselves as they please and prioritize other people.

They aren't able to hold up healthy boundaries that they know they need.

And on top of that, they have self-doubt, are self-conscious, and feel really disconnected from themselves.

Now I gotta say, it's so hard to rise above all that when you're feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or even sorry for yourself thinking, "what's wrong with me?", "why can't I just feel comfortable being myself?!" or even wishing you could just TURN OFF your sensitive way of being.

For way too many years I was there myself!

It wasn't until I began to weave Embodiment and Spirituality together that I was able to become more self-aware, deepen the connection with myself, and actually celebrate who I really am!

And that's what I'm excited to guide you through as well 🦋

So I've decided to create an Embodied Coaching package for those who are ready to connect with and embody their true, authentic self so they can finally enjoy a life they love!

In this coaching package you get:

💎 4 private 60min coaching calls per month for 3 months
💎 Voxer access for extra support in between calls
💎 Kajabi access for call scheduler and all replays
💎 Personalized embodied practices to deepen your growth in between sessions
💎 Plus additional content to initiate and complete our potent work together

And because my time is very limited #momlife there's only ONE spot available to work with me privately for a minimum of 90 days.

If you're ready to have personalized support, serious accountability, and someone in your corner to encourage you all along the way, then sign up for a Connection Call with the button below and let's chat about it!



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💖 Blessings



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