04 | Reignite Your New Year Intentions: How to Manifest and Sustain Your Goals

Season #1 Episode #4

Are your new year intentions already starting to slip through your fingers?

Did you make a good start, get super motivated, but then fell back into your old habits again? If you’re finding yourself wishing for it to be easier to just go for your dreams then definitely give this episode a listen.

Cynthia reveals the deeper reason as to why so many people fall off the horse of their desires, have a hard time getting back on, and what to focus on instead that will actually make the deepest impact of achieving their goals and bringing their new year intentions to life!

Whether you’re wanting to have a healthier lifestyle, grow a deeper relationship with your loved ones, attract more money, start a business of your passions, or anything that your heart’s calling in, make sure to tune in to this episode. It’s a game-changer!

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