05 | Out of Self-Sabotage and Into Harmonious Partnership

Season #1 Episode #5

Are you getting fed up with “sabotaging” yourself out of experiences you really want?!

Ever since I began noticing how shitty it felt to roll my eyes and think, “oh there I go again, self-sabotaging my dreams” I started to wonder how I can treat myself differently because it never really sat well with me.

Eventually, I came across a new way to look at “self-sabotaging” situations and it finally started to help me partner with my whole self rather than feel like I’m fighting in an endless tug-o-war.

I was able to be more compassionate, understanding, and attentive to the parts of me that wanted to stay in my comfort zone.

If you’re ready to rewrite the self-sabotaging script to a more positive and harmonious one so you can expand to your next level in a sustainable way then make sure to tune in to this episode.

I have a feeling your nervous system will thank you big time!

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