09 | How to Be More Centered, Especially With Your Children: Embodied Check-In Part 2

Season #1 Episode #9

Now that you’ve got the foundation to be more present in the last episode, you’re in a way better place to begin to shift into a more centered and empowered way of being.

In this Part-2 episode, you’ll learn a tangible and practical tool for regulating yourself and being more centered around your kids.

So when you become aware of being in a state that isn’t really supportive of you or the people around you, you’ll be able to do something about it in a way that’s mindful, conscious, and kind.

It’s truly a skill to cultivate centeredness and fortunately, every skill can be learned.

And one way of practicing this skill is to learn a basic Embodied Centering technique (taught to me by my mentor Mark Walsh of Embodiment Unlimited).

It’s the second half of the Embodied Check-In that you learned in the previous episode that will get you to how you actually wish to be.

**MAKE SURE to listen to the entire episode to not only learn about this technique but to also be guided by me through it for a felt, sensed experience.

Once you’ve listened to this episode, you can then refer to the details below to continue practicing it on your own:


  • To prepare - download a “Habit Tracker” app on your phone and set 4-6 Embodied Check-In alarms for each day
  • Alarm goes off - begin your practice by closing your eyes or gazing downward as you bring your attention and energy back to yourself
  • PART 1: A) Awareness - Notice “how you are” by feeling any physical sensations, both uncomfortable and pleasant (weight, temperature, shape, state of breath, etc.)
  • Notice “how you are '' by feeling any emotional sensations, both uncomfortable and pleasant (identify the emotion, locate it, colors, etc.)
  • For advanced people - notice your mental and energetic state, both uncomfortable and pleasant, and how it shows up in your being
  • Take another moment to notice anything else that’s showing up
  • And BE with your sensations, accept your sensations, and allow your sensations to happen
  • PART 2: B) Balance - Bring physical balance to your posture (forward, back, left, right, up, down)
  • Balance your awareness throughout your periphery and even behind you
  • C) Core Relaxation - Release the core line of your body (relax eyes, mouth, breath, belly)
  • C x2) Connection - Bring to mind someone or something that genuinely warms your heart 
  • OPTIONAL: Instead of going through the B & C steps, you can simply ask

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