10 | Coaching BREAKTHROUGH: From Homeless with a Family to Manifesting Money, College, and a New Home with Cara G

Season #1 Episode #10

I can’t wait for you to hear this AMAZING client transformation!!

My former client, Cara G, was in such a hard place in her life where she found herself evicted from her home, on a limited hotel voucher, left one job hoping to find another, and struggling internally as she and her partner tried to figure out how to sustain their two young children.


After she reached out to me, we began a coaching journey of 4 sessions where Cara completely turned her and her family’s life around!


Listen in to hear how she manifested a new job, thirteen thousand dollars, an opportunity to begin college for the first time, and A NEW HOME for her family, all within our time working together.


“I feel so much more confident and… I’m super excited for my future! I'm gonna have a way more solid foundation, you know, the new home… the stable job, stable income and stuff like that. But now, I have a really clear vision of what I want my future to look like and that's actually a realistic, possibility for me. It just makes me so happy!” - Cara G


It was an absolute honor to have walked by her side through this life changing breakthrough!


If you’re interested in going on a transformational 1:1 coaching journey, definitely contact me in the DMs on Instagram @embodiedritual or book a free connection call here:


Let’s chat about where you're at, the support you need, and if working one-to-one together is in alignment!

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